Zermatt eleven summits tour

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The Zermatt with MatterhornMatterhorn is the famous mountain in Zermatt. A lot of tourist from around the world meet in Zermatt.

Typical Alphorntraditional switzerland Alphorn, the long music instrument.

The Big MatterhornMatterhorn in detail. The structure is easy to remember.

Taking Small Matterhornthe cable car. The group is quickly on the small Matterhorn. Ice and snow will be the environment the next week.

The First summitfirst summit. The quietness, the sight, the height and physical training change the mind.

A Nice viewsbeautiful panorama.

It Ice and snowis not so cold as it seems. In the sun the snow is melting.

This Climbing passagesummit is more difficult to reach. With the ropes it is a matter of time to reach the top and safe.

On Vista patheach side the mountain is steep. You have to follow the path.

The Lodgelodge for today. The food is enough. A lot of people. The space is small. Some group are leaving early for the summit. As early as one o'clock. Getting sleep is sometimes difficult. Getting up is around 5:30 am. To be sure to walk on hard snow. When you are breaking in, it is very hard to walk.

This Coldest point of tripwas the coldest spot. The wind was strong, cold and no sun to warm.

I Climbing ice and snowwas getting really cold. Quickly climb to get warm again.

Small Narrow pathand steep. But it is looking worse than it was.

We Steep pathcome from the left. Only 5 min later we had a rest in the warm sun drinking and eating.

Slowly Wide areaswalking long distances. Slowly the view changes. Around another corner and so on. About 6 - 8 hours walking.

In Morning setting offthe morning a lot of people are moving to the summits. You see not only old people like me, but young people too.

The Highest lodge in the Alpshighest lodge in the Alps. About 4500m high.

Coming Glacier with snowdown on the Glacier. During the day you are mostly alone.

The Glacierlook downwards. We have still to go.

This Crevasseis more dangerous than the rest of the tour. The gaps are moving and sometime very near to the surface under your steps.

Nevertheless Me on the glacieri found this way down very impressive. Something new i haven't done before.

On Dangeours glacierthe right is the Monte Rosa lodge, our destionation for today. The warming can be clearly seen. The grey color beside the glacier.

Near Monte Rosa Lodgethe lodge, we are leaving the glacier and walk on stone again.

And First flowerthe first blossom with yellow and green. Enjoying coming back to living areas. Before only snow and ice at height around 3500 to 4000m.S

The From rock to glaciernext day we had only to go down on the glacier. So moving from the stone to the ice again.

And Very hard iceit is really very hard ice. It is not flat. And often water is flowing.

The Stones on glacierglacier is moving and transports a lot of stones.

Only Crampons neededpossible with crampons on your shoes. Not flat at all.

The End of glacierend of the glacier. Water is running down the valley.

A Ice glittering in the sunlast look on the ice, glittering in the sun.

Finally Trees and grassgras and trees again. Beautiful colors to look after the long trip.

Following Deep valleythe river in the deep valley. Sometimes the rock was very slippery. Always using ropes for safety.

A very nice trip. It is strenous, but worth to do.

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