Bogota, Jungle, Medellin, Cartagena and San Andreas

Colombia is a nice country with a lot of different locations. Even we did not pay a visit to the pacific coast.


Bogota is the capital. Because of the altitude the first days are heavy. Every step is hard. The gold museum, the art museum, the city is fascinating. But the wheather is cold. No heating in the rooms. During breakfeast you get cold fingers.

Breakfeast with beautiful arts in the room. And one place beside the stove was heated!

Bogota from the small hill beside. You can climb or use the cable car. First you have to get accustomed to the hight, before you climb the small hill.

Gold Museum.

Art museum with a lot of famous pictures. Thanks to Botero. He used to paint cosy persons.

Salt cathedral. Beautiful colors. First red.

Then blue.

For the tourist the food is already prepared.

The old colonial city for the summer holidays.

The houses and the big place survived until now. Much nicer temperature than Bogota.

Climbing the mountain you get a lot of special flowers.


In the south of Colombia there is the amazonas. No road to go there. You can use plane or a boat. It is nice to be considered as Amazonas. You can walk from Colombia to Brazil and Peru.

The river seen from our lodge. Here we are able to explore the amazonas by land, by river and by flooding.

A poisoning snake. Just a few moments and we didn't find the snake again. Vanished in the void.

A lot of colorful caterpillar.

And the next one.

Camouflage, do you see the frog?

Changing the transportation, from boat to car. That's the amazonas.


Medellin is a beautiful location. Not hot like Cartagena. not cold like Bogota. Just between, like early summer wheather.

A catholic country with a lot of churches. Beautiful art influence from arabian people from spain.

Great figures from Botero.

The house belongs to an electric company and is shaped like a transformator.

Medellin has one really big shopping mall. The clothing are excellent. Even on the bottom you can ice skating.

It is christmas time. Medellin is famous for its lights everywhere. Along the river and the city itself.

The cable car starts directly from the metro station and is cheap. On top you find a vast park area.

Colombia is famous for the coffee. We liked the cappuchino most. With or without cinnamon.


Cartagena was the main port for spain for conquering south america. The old city is still there. And the tourists are flocking.

Colorful houses and persons. Of course touristic.

Still the christmas light are shining.

San Andres

Lying before Nicaragua, San Andres is a small island. You can rent a quad and explore it. No rush just take time and go for snorkeling somewhere.

Nice beaches and i still remember one very good fish soup.

For me Medellin is the city i would like to visit again.

© 2015 by Juergen Zink

Last modified 05.02.2015